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When you are looking to hire a contractor to replace your home’s siding, swap out your windows or install a new screened-in porch, it is always wise to look at pictures of the contractor’s previous work. This allows you to see if the style of work matches the look and quality that you are going for. Here at Affordable Vinyl Windows & Siding, we have created a gallery page that showcases some of the different siding, window and screen options that we offer. Take a look at some of our work featured below.


Siding is available in many different materials, including brick, vinyl, stone and cedar shakes. Take a look at the images of siding projects that we have completed for homeowners using these various types of materials.


Your windows not only keep the elements out of your home, but they also insulate your home. Ifyour older windows are hard to open or don’t keep the cold out in the winter, it may be time toreplace them. Contact us and let us replace your windows or glass sliders with new ones. Hereare a few pictures of the various types of windows we offer.


Screening in a porch or patio helps to keep bugs and pests away, while also blocking out directsunlight. If you have an area you want to screen in, we can help. Take a look at some of thepast projects we have completed.Here at Affordable Vinyl Windows & Siding, we offer many specific types of window frames andsiding options. Do you like what you see in the image above? Then give us a call and we’ll behappy to help you turn your house into the home of your dreams.