Allows opening to be framed to one set of sizes, eliminating confusion at the job site. Affords the builder, and the homebuyer, the opportunity to upgrade to a double hung window Attractive brick mold or flat casing exterior This classically styled double hung window represents Silver Line’s® premium new construction product. Beneath its traditional appearance, state-of-the-art window technology is hard at work providing durable, energy efficient performance in a low maintenance vinyl new construction window.

Why We Choose

Them Energy Efficient

Multi-chambered vinyl construction insulates as well as, or better than, other window materials. Several glazing options are available to provide comfort in virtually any climate. Silver Line’s® products are ENERGY STAR® qualified in all 50 states with optional LoE² and LoE3 Glass .

Attractive Look

A sturdy, continuous frame provides a virtually seamless appearance, and an attractive colonial profile gives the Series 3000 the look of detailed craftsmanship.

Proven Performance

Performance tested to stand up to extreme weather conditions. Certified to the specifications established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Design Flexibility

Our complete product line of double hungs, picture windows, transoms and geometric shapes can be combined in numerous ways. With so many window styles and sizes available, the design possibilities are virtually endless. Silver Line’s mulling systems feature strong, durable mullions, allowing you to mull and stack windows in numerous configurations.